2º Cloudscape

Cloudscape Brazil

With the Communication on the data-driven economy (COM(2014)442 final), the European Council (EC) aims to accelerate the transition towards a single digital market, where cloud computing, big data, cyber security, 5G and Internet of Things are considered key building block technologies. In Brazil, the National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (ENCTI) promotes Science, Technology and Innovation as a supporting axis for the economic and social growth of the country. Its Strategic Program for Software and Services in IT, known as project “TI Maior (Major/Bigger IT)”, recognises Cloud Computing and Big Data as two major driving forces for the Brazilian economy, thus aligned with the EC vision. That’s why this year's Cloudscape Brazil is showcasing “Trustworthy cloud & big data services from research to market”, to demonstrate how powerful this market is in the two regions and how productive transatlantic collaboration is key to accelerating innovation.

A dialogue with Europe. A primary goal of this year's Cloudscape Brazil is to ensure a productive exchange with research institutes and businesses that are active in shaping an economy enabled by Big Data and Cloud Computing research in Europe. Representatives from European research projects, funded by the European Commission, will be attending to showcase cutting-edge results and Open Source Software available in the CloudWATCH2 Service Offer catalogue, and which can serve as a reference to build the brand-new EUBrasilCloudFORUM marketplace. The Clusters of European Projects on Cloud will have a unique opportunity to share trends in European markets, how they are meeting demand for the next wave of cloud computing, and also create new collaboration synergies.

The floor to SMEs. European SMEs, will be invited to explain how they ended up in delivering services that are emerging from top-class European research projects. Their lessons learnt will be useful for all those Brazilian start-ups hosted at CATI-certified (the Brazilian Information Technology Committee) accelerators that, since 2016, can apply for funding H2020 and MCTI collaborative and which are also part of this agenda.

Comitê Organizador

Coordenação Geral

Priscila Solis (UNB)

Coordenação Local

Calebe de Paula Biachini (Mackenzie)

Coordenação do Comitê de Programa

Wagner Meira Junior (UFMG)